No project is too big or too small!

Kristin Scearce -- Freelance Editor

About Me

I hold a Master's in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and I have always had a knack for editing others' work. I was the person whose "eagle eyes" were sought after by my peers while in school, from middle school through college. Proofreading essays, term papers, technical writing, and so on for my friends and fellow students was a passion of mine, and I never turned down the opportunity to help someone learn how to write not only correctly but also effectively. 

In my current position as a freelance editor, I provide not only standard line/copy editing for grammar, spelling, etc., but also content editing for those who are unsure as to the effectiveness and continuity of their work from start to finish. I have been performing these duties since November 2013, and I could not ask for a better job. I am an avid reader, and I see my work as a way of helping others achieve their dreams of becoming published authors while honing their craft to improve their writing skills with each successive project.

Method & Previous Projects

November 2013 - Present

  • Provide line/copy editing as well as content editing for short stories, novellas, and novels.

  • Use track changes to record any and all revisions, make comments within the margins to instruct and inform the author as to possible content corrections and improvements for future writing projects.

  • Assist students and employees with reports, papers, memos, essays, and so on, verifying spelling, grammar, readability and overall content to provide a proper finished document for the assignment.

  • Assist authors with their manuscripts prior to the publishing stage, providing editing notes regarding spelling, grammar and tensing issues, as well as content feedback for readability and character/plot effectiveness.

  • Projects I have worked on include Melissa Pearl’s Songbird, The Masks, The Fugitive, and The Mica and Lexy series; Jordan Ford's Big Play, Brotherhood, and Barlow Sisters series; Jamie Vesay's Fauna's Thread; Robert Siegle's American Cradle; Woody Woodill's If Trees Could Talk; and Randal Benjamin's The Old Gun: Finding Sundance.